What Agreement Does Gawain Make with the Lord of the Castle

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a celebrated medieval poem about a knight`s journey. One of its most significant moments is when Sir Gawain makes an agreement with the lord of the castle. In this article, we will delve into what this agreement was and its importance in the poem.

The story begins with the Green Knight entering King Arthur`s court and offering a challenge to any brave knight. Sir Gawain, being the noble and valiant knight that he is, accepts the challenge. The Green Knight then tells Sir Gawain to meet him in a year at the Green Chapel to receive a blow with the same axe that the Green Knight has brought with him.

As the year draws to a close, Sir Gawain sets out on his journey to meet the Green Knight. On his way, he comes across a castle where he is warmly welcomed by the lord and lady. The lord of the castle proposes an agreement with Sir Gawain that goes as follows: Sir Gawain will stay at the castle for three days, and the lord will go hunting. Whatever the lord catches, he will give to Sir Gawain in exchange for anything that Sir Gawain finds in the castle. Sir Gawain agrees to this arrangement.

On the first day, the lord goes hunting and the lady of the castle tries to seduce Sir Gawain. He resists her temptations, but she gives him a green girdle, telling him that it will keep him safe from any harm.

On the second day, the same thing happens, and this time Sir Gawain kisses the lady. She gives him another green girdle, but this one is magical and will protect him from death.

On the third day, the lord goes hunting again, and Sir Gawain stays at the castle. However, when the lord returns with his catch, he only gives Sir Gawain the meat. Feeling guilty, Sir Gawain keeps the two green girdles a secret from the lord.

When Sir Gawain finally meets the Green Knight, he receives a blow from the axe, but it doesn`t kill him. The Green Knight reveals that he is actually the lord of the castle and that he orchestrated the agreement to test Sir Gawain`s chivalry. Sir Gawain feels ashamed for not being completely honest with the lord, but the Green Knight forgives him.

This agreement is important in the poem because it serves as a test of Sir Gawain`s honor and integrity. It also highlights the themes of honesty, temptation, and chivalry. Sir Gawain`s decision to keep the girdles a secret goes against the code of chivalry and ultimately shows that he is human and subject to temptation.

In conclusion, the agreement that Sir Gawain made with the lord of the castle was to exchange anything that the lord caught hunting for anything that Sir Gawain found in the castle. This agreement was a test of Sir Gawain`s chivalry and his ability to resist temptation. The green girdles that the lady of the castle gave him played a significant role in the story as they represented Sir Gawain`s decision to keep a secret and go against the code of chivalry.