Term of Agreement Crossword Clue

Are you struggling to solve the crossword puzzle clue “term of agreement”? Well, fear not, as we`re here to help you out.

When attempting to solve crossword puzzles, it`s important to keep in mind that many of the clues are often phrases or terms that you may not encounter in everyday conversation. In the case of “term of agreement,” the solution is actually a legal term that refers to a specific type of contract.

The term you`re looking for is “covenant.” In a legal context, a covenant is a binding agreement between parties that outlines certain obligations and responsibilities. Covenants are often included in contracts and can cover a range of topics, such as property ownership, employment agreements, and even marriage.

When it comes to crossword puzzles, clues can often be vague or misleading, which is why it`s important to have a broad base of knowledge. In this case, having a basic understanding of legal terminology and contracts can save you time and frustration when solving the puzzle.

So next time you come across the clue “term of agreement” in a crossword puzzle, remember to think beyond the obvious and consider the broader context in which the term might be used. With a little bit of knowledge and some persistence, you`ll be able to crack the clue and solve the puzzle with ease.